The UAE Golden Visa provides a renewable 10-year residency, eliminating the need for a local sponsor. It offers access to world-class education and healthcare, tax benefits, and allows you to include your family. The UAE is also a global hub for business and investment opportunities.

The UAE Golden Visa benefits, include the ability to sponsor family members, no requirement for a national sponsor, the flexibility to stay outside the UAE for more than six months, and tax-related advantages.

UAE Golden Visa
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The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa that allows foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals to live, work, and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor which was the case before . This innovative program has opened the door to endless opportunities for those looking to make the UAE their home or setup Office for Business.

The Golden visa is available to those who are part of specific groups, including Ph.D. scientists, data experts, chief executives, medical doctors, exceptional students and their families, university graduates with a GPA of 3.8 or higher, investors, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs.

A Real Estate Investor gets qualified to apply for the UAE Golden visa once he/she invests a minimum of AED 2,000,000/ ₹ 4.5 Cr / USD 544,536 in a single or multiple properties of the UAE.

We have made a Handpicked list of Dubai Properties that you may want to consider while investing in properties in order to be eligible for the UAE Golden Visa, Check out the Top 2024 Properties here!

Self-Sponsored: Be your own sponsor with a UAE Golden Visa, no job or business or Local Sponsor required.

10-Year Validity: Enjoy hassle-free residency with a 10-year UAE Golden Visa.

Multiple-entry: the Golden visa provides multiple entry options for easy travel.

No Minimum Stay Required: While Most Investment based Visa schemes require a Compulsory-Minimum period of stay in the country, it is Not Mandatory in UAE! In fact the standard Residence visas in the UAE to be kept valid, needs the holder to visit the UAE once every 6 months, but with the Golden visa, there is no such requirement.

Six-Month Entry Permit: You have up to six months to sort out your UAE Golden Visa application with a multiple-entry permit.

Family Included: Sponsor family members’ visas with No need for Extra investment which means that you only need to invest the AED 2,000,000 once and not per head! Once you get your visa, you can sponsor your family and support staff.

Multiple Support staff: Now, with the UAE Golden visa you can hire and sponsor visas for multiple support staff like maid’s, nannies or drivers.

Access to Loans: Open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, and get loans with competitive interest rates.

Worldclass Infrastructure: With the UAE Golden visa you get access to one of the best Infrastructure in the whole region and growing at a booming pace. Dubai’s infrastructure is simply, next level!

Setup Business: Setup a new Business in a few days, make use of UAE’s Central location and International Connectivity to expand your Business.

NO TAX: This is a one of its kind Golden visa program with which you can work in a Tax free country! Enjoy your life to the fullest, NO TAX on Personal Income, No Tax on Residential Property Income and No Tax on Capital Gains!

Legal acceptance of Crypto: Many countries have banned Crypto currencies, some countries have a lack of clarity when it comes to Crypto but the UAE has made it legal, in fact most of the Property developers accept Crypto as a mode of payment and it was one of the first in the region to have a Bitcoin ATM. Also, there is not Capital gains tax levied on the profits you make from Crypto in the UAE.

Safety: The excellent Law enforcement of the UAE make it one of the safest cities in the World! It offers a peaceful environment for families or even single ladies. With top colleges in the UAE, it also presents itself as a safe place to send your kids for higher education.

UAE Golden
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Invest a minimum of AED 2,000,000 in properties (either ready or off-plan) in the UAE.

The property investment can be a single or multiple properties, as long as the total value exceeds AED 2,000,000.

In the past, full payment was required for ready properties and AED 1,000,000 for off-plan properties.

But as of Jan 2024, the minimum payment of AED 1,000,000 is no longer a requirement for Golden Visa applications.

Simply pay the property Booking Deposit and apply for the Golden Visa UAE. The standard is 20%, but some developers/projects can be booked with 10 or even 5% Booking Deposits!

For example, with a 5% booking deposit on a AED 2,000,000 property, you can pay as low as AED 100,000 and apply for the Golden Visa!

That’s roughly ₹ 22 Lacs or USD 27,226!

AED 700 fee for medical examination
AED 1,153 fee for UAE ID (10 years)
AED 2,657 fee for confirmation of residency permit (10 years)
AED 4,020 fee for the Land Department
AED 1,155 administrative fee
AED 800 Health Insurance with minimum coverage
The Total(Approximate cost) is AED 10,485 for a visa that offers you 10 Golden years in the UAE.

1)Venice by Azizi, Dubai South.

10 mins from New Dubai Airport, Studio From AED 600,000/ ₹ 1.3 Cr/USD 163,358, Opera House, 3 Hotels, School, Beaches, 10% Booking

Azizi Venice Dubai South

2)Clubdrive by Emaar, Dubai Hills Estate

Luxury 2 BHK from AED 2.2 M/ ₹ 5 Cr, USD 610654, Close to Golf Club, International School & Mall, Golf Course Views, Central Location, 10% Booking

Emaar Club drive Dubai Hills Estate

3)Park Greens by Damac, Damac Hills 2.

5 BHK villas from AED 2.8 M/ ₹ 6.5 Cr/USD 786,838, G+2 floors, Beach, Wave pool, Lazy River, Pay 1% per month over 5 years, 20% Booking

Damac Park Greens

4)Bayz 101 by Danube, Business Bay

1 BHK+Pool, Luxury flats, Burj Khalifa views, Fully Furnished, from AED 2.1 M/ ₹ 4.7 Cr/USD 571,751, Pay 1% per month in 6.5 years, 101 floors

Bayz 101 by Danube Business Bay Dubai

5)Eleganz by Danube, JVC.

2 BHK, Fully Furnished-Ready flat, from AED 2.2 M/ ₹ 5 Cr/USD 610,000, 1% monthly plan in 5 years, Expected Rent AED 150,000/₹ 33 Lacs/Yr.

Eleganz Dubai Ready Property for sale

6)Radisson Hotel by Damac, Damac Hills.

Functioning 1 BHK Hotel room, from AED 862,000/ ₹ 1.9 Cr/USD 234,690, Guaranteed 8% Returns for 4 years, 3 yrs Pay plan, Free yearly stays

Radisson Hotel Dubai for sale

7)Riverside Crescent by Sobha, Sobha Hartland 2.

2 BHK, Lagoon, Artificial Beach, Indoor movie theatre, From AED 2.2 M/ ₹ 4.9 Cr/USD 610,000, 15 mins to Dubai Mall & DIFC, 20% Booking

Riverside Crescent Sobha Hartland 2

8)Paramount Hotel by Damac, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Functioning 1 BHK Hotel room, AED 2.4 M/ ₹ 5.4 Cr/USD 653,430, Guaranteed 8% Returns for 4 years, 3 yrs Pay plan, Free stay every year

Paramount by Damac Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

9)Northline by Meraas, City Walk.

1 BHK apartment, Low rise building with Burj Khalifa views, from AED 1.8 Million/ ₹ 4 Cr /USD 490,116, 5 mins from Dubai Mall, 10 mins from Jumeirah Beach, 20% Booking. Launched Feb 2024

10)ELO by Damac, Damac Hills 2

Unbeatable Price: 1 BHK starts from AED 547,000/ ₹ 1.2 Cr / USD 148,940, In a community with Artificial Beach, Lazy River and Cinema, Booking 20%

Damac Elo

Gingy Properties VIP After Sales Service(GAPA)

Gingy Properties is your one-stop solution for obtaining the Dubai Golden Visa through Property Investment in the UAE. Based on our client’s requirements we offer tailor made selection of properties that will match you just like a glove!

You just tell us if your main investment objective is Long term capital price growth, Earning Tax free High Rental Income, or if you’d like to buy a furnished property/unfurnished property then furnish it, and let it out on Short term rentals/Holiday homes for an even higher rental income!

On top of that, since our clients are mostly short on time or not present in the UAE, we offer our clients an Exclusive After Sales Service called the GAPA(Gingy After Purchase Agreement) in which we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

GAPA-Gingy After Purchase Agreement VIP After Sales Service

For details or latest availability, get in touch with us. Fill the below Form Now!

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