Looking to buy a home in Dubai or invest in an Off plan Dubai Property? Got questions? Of course you do! How can anyone think of investing money without doing proper research? Guess what? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created a list of the things to know before buying property in Dubai. These are some of the most Frequently asked questions and there are a Total of 70 Questions!

Off plan dubai property representation

PLEASE NOTE: This is an exhaustive list of Frequently Asked Questions that we have compiled for those who want to know more about Dubai and specifically about Investing in Dubai Off plan properties. It therefore is a Long, long read so I highly recommend you to do a Ctrl+F and search the query you are looking for or just go through the Table of contents and jump directly to your requirement. If you don’t have time, save the page and come back to it later ๐Ÿ™‚ Read On!

1)What is an off-plan property in Dubai?

Off Plan property is a property which has just been announced and the construction of the property has not even begun. In wider terms, it also includes properties that has not been completed by the Developer yet and is still under construction. So when you plan to buy Off plan Dubai property, remember that you aren’t going to earn Rent on it until it’s ready although there’s a strong potential for the Price to go up as it nears completion. In fact, this is one of the reasons so many buyers invest in Dubai Off plan properties.

2)Can any nationality purchase a freehold property in Dubai?

Any Nationality can Purchase and Own Freehold property in Dubai, Freehold ownership does not have any tenure on Property ownership, it is Unlimited. Whereas Leasehold properties can still be bought by Foreign nationals, but have an ownership tenure, for example 99 years etc. and therefore is less appealing in terms of Resale value when compared with a Freehold property.

3)Is it safe to invest in Off plan property? What’s Oqood?

Yes, buyers of Off plan properties are protected by law and the developers are governed by the Dubai Land Department and RERA.

Oqood is basically registration of the Sale & Purchase agreement between Developer and you, with the Dubai Land Department. It mentions fundamentals of the Sale like unit number, purchase price, Penalty if Buyer/Developer backs out etc. Also known as Pre Title deed registration, this protects you as a Buyer. A One time fee of 4% of Purchase price to be paid to the Dubai Land Department while booking an Off plan Dubai property, along with an approx fee of AED 3,000.

This is regulated under Law 13 of 2008 โ€“ Regulating the Interim Real Estate Register. Developers must register all sales and purchase agreements on this register, and the Oqood system is commonly used for these registrations.

4)Do I need to pay the full purchase price upfront when buying an off-plan property?

While buying an Off Plan Dubai property, the Full Purchase amount is NOT required to be paid upfront, it is to be paid in installments as per the Payment plan.

5)What is a Payment Plan?

The Payment plan is offered by Developer/Builder with Zero interest charges, No Loan docs needed, No Credit checks required. After the booking deposit is made, certain percentage of the sale price needs to be paid to the developer in installments offered by the Developer.

A Payment plan usually lasts until the project is completed and some developers also offer post handover payment plans which are longer pay plans running a few years even after the project has been completed and handed over to the buyer.

6)Why should I use a real estate agent to purchase an off-plan property?

buy off plan dubai properties from the right agency

You can very well purchase Off plan Dubai property direct from the Property Developer. But in my opinion, one must use the services of an experienced Real Estate Agent to purchase an Off plan property. The deal will still be made direct with the Developer and the buyer doesn’t have to pay any commission to the agent anyway.

But then, you will ask Why? The answer is simple, Service! Why do you think, top Athletes work with their agents? Top Sporting clubs know everything about top Athletes and can get directly in touch with them bypassing the agent. But that’s not the case is it? Because the agents have one job to do, to protect their client interest!
In fact, top investors know the value of working with experienced real estate agents.

Knowledge is power and it is this knowledge and experience that will help an investor make Big decisions involving Big money. Remember, the Developers do an excellent job while the sale process is on going. But then, what about your main requirement? The developer’s main job is to get their property sold but a Real Estate agent’s job is to get you a property that matches with your requirement. Since top Real Estate agents know and work with the multiple developers, they know what’s the best on offer at any given point of time!

Moreover, especially in this Seller’s market, the Developers reveal pre launch offers and by the time it gets advertised or comes online, most of these units are already booked!

Not just that, once you have an active business relationship with a Real estate agent, you’ll be surprised to know of the service you can receive post property purchase. With a Developer, it won’t be the same person selling you the property and taking care of your post purchase requirements, even if a developer even offers some post sales service. But once you hire an agent, a good one at that will always be the go to person for whatever issues you may have with your property later.

You may need some help with arranging a last minute maintenance provider, or you need to get rid of the property for an urgent need of cash and you can just call the same agent, he/she may already be working with a buyer who wants somethin g similar and you could get a quick deal for example!

I’ve been Selling and Renting UAE Properties since 2011 and I believe that a sale is not the Closure, but that’s when a new business relationship begins. Now, I run my own business!
Majority of my investors are repeat buyers and you can get in touch with me for a Zoom/Google Meets/Whatsapp call.

Let’s have a quick call, find you a beautiful investment and let us begin our journey from there! Click here to schedule an Online meeting as per your Convenience.

7)What is the commission or agency fee for buying an off-plan property in Dubai?

Standard Broker commission or Agency fee is 2% of the Sale amount+ 5% VAT and is charged to the respective party and the norm is 2% + VAT paid by the Buyer. NO COMMISSION is charged while buying an Off plan property from a Developer, even when you buy through any Real Estate Agent.

8)How are off-plan projects and transactions in Dubai regulated and monitored?

off plan dubai

The Dubai Land department(DLD) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency(RERA)monitors and regulates all Off plan projects and transactions in Dubai. They maintain Developer records, transaction and Buyer records through Oqood, and also come in to play when a Developer decides to launch a brand new project or even issues with delays or settlements.

The system and process of buying an Off plan Dubai Property is so transparent and efficient that there is no need to employ the services of a Lawyer unlike most parts of the World, an able and registered Real estate agent is enough.

9)Is there any tax on rental income in Dubai?

NO Tax on Residential Rental Income in Dubai.

10)Is there any capital gains tax in Dubai when selling a property?

There is NO Capital Gains Tax in Dubai, so if you buy an off plan Dubai property at AED 1,000,000 today and assuming that over the years the price of the same property reaches AED 3,000,000. You’ve made over 2 Million on top of your investment and would like to cash in!

In most countries, there will be a Capital gains tax that you need to pay on this 2 Million profit earned by you, but not in Dubai!

11)What are the benefits of buying an off plan Dubai property?

Buying an Off plan Dubai Property is beneficial and has offered great returns to a lot of investors. Some of the reasons why off plan property purchases have increased over the years include Taking advantage of the lower price at property launch phase, when you buy a property in launch stage you get to call the shots, you can actually ask for a particular floor to book a property on, you can specifically ask for unit number for those who believe in numerology, choose from the wide range of views that property offers to be sure of a higher rentability once it is ready, many of my investors like to make money by purchasing off plan property at the pre launch phase & sell it just near Property completion.

Even in today’s Seller’s market there will be some freebie or a pre launch offer payment plan, then hold on to it and sell the property just before it gets handed over, this way they make money on Capital gain and do not have to bother with the nitty gritties of Property/tenant management. Buying an off plan Dubai property means, getting it brand new!

Of all my years in Dubai realty, I’ve noticed one thing, tenants are always attracted to Brand new properties and do not mind paying a premium for it. This is mainly because, brand new properties don’t have much issues with maintenance for quite some time and also the amenities at the new property are new and better in number or quality.

Buying off plan is convenient due to the various payment plans on offer and way cheaper transaction cost as you don’t have to pay commission while buying an off plan Dubai Property. Not just this, the advancement in technology has allowed a lot of buyers to actually buy Off plan properties with Bitcoins or other crypto currency as many Dubai based developers accept this mode of payment which is not really the case in resale purchase.

Buying an off plan Dubai Property through an experienced Agent will help you decide on the right property that will or has potential to grow in the near future, taking the likelihood of earning Capital appreciation more likely.

12)What is the currency used in Dubai?

The UAE’s currency is the United Arab Emirates Dirham, commonly called Dirhams, represented by AED and is pegged to the USD, so no fluctuations or loss due to conversions for International investors.

100 Fils make up 1 Dirham. The notes are in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000. Printed in Arabic and English.

13)Is it safe to Visit/Invest in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the Safest, Most Visited cities on this Planet! In fact, it ranks higher than many of the Top, Global cities in the world, especially right now!

14)What do ‘Price Starts from’ or ‘Starting from’ in Dubai off-plan properties mean?

Most quoted prices are the Starting prices only, usually for the Cheapest unit within that project. It will increase as per Floor height, View, Size of apartment and number of similar units available.

15)How often does the unit availability for off-plan properties in Dubai change?

We’re glad you asked! Unit Availability keeps changing by the minute, especially in the current market where buyers are pouring in from across the World! Always ask for the Latest Availability!

16)Can I sell my off plan Dubai property before completion? Is it difficult to get a buyer?

Selling off plan Dubai property is allowed after a certain percentage of the sale amount has been paid to the developer, in most cases it is 30-40%. Also, Dubai is a Hotspot for property investments and it’s not at all difficult to find Buyers.

In fact, a lot of investors have made money by purchasing a property during the pre launch/launch phase and selling it at a Premium, just before it gets Ready for Handover.

17)What is a “chiller charge” in Dubai?

Some Residential properties use Chilled water Air conditioning and charge certain user demand charges called Chiller charges or District cooling charges, which are quite minimal but needs to be paid by the Owner in some communities. Whereas some properties don’t charge the Chiller fees.

18)What is DEWA and what role does it play in Dubai’s real estate market?

DEWA is short for Dubai electricity and Water Authority. The DEWA bill includes charges pertaining to Electric consumption, water consumption, sewerage and the Housing fee.

Unless you move into the property yourself, the DEWA bill is to be paid by the Tenant.

19)How is the Public transport connectivity for various Communities?

For Public transport if the Dubai Metro is not directly connected/in close proximity to the the community you are planning to invest in, check if there are at least RTA Feeder buses/tram service that connect to it. Although it doesn’t affect Luxury projects much but even in a Luxury project it’s good to have a location close to a Metro as there can be support staff like Tenant’s Maids and Tenant’s kids who may require to use the Metro often.

20)What is an Annual Service fee?

Always ask about the Annual Service Fee for the property you are looking to buy, these charges have to be paid by the Property owner whether it’s rented or self use or even vacant, post completion.

Annual service fee is charged to maintain the upkeep of the property, support services, amenities and security of the property.

Are usually 2-6 Dirhams per square feet on the Plot size, mid rise apartments range from 10-15 dirhams per sq ft, high rises tend to be around 15-20, Luxury apartments usually charge 25-40.

21)What are some of the most important amenities to consider when buying a property in Dubai?

One of the Most important aspects of buying a property is to study the Amenities offered, especially with the number of developments being released. Apart from Location and quality, it will be the Amenities that a prospective tenant will be looking at, while signing up that rental contract to your property. Previously it used to be just Swimming pool, Gym and Sauna. But now, developers are truly getting competitive and highly creative.

From Artificial Beaches to Clubs, in house Cinema halls to libraries, clubs, cigar lounges and Business centers.

22)What does SPA mean in Dubai’s real estate market, and why is it important?

Did you get the SPA done? Well, you could think of some relaxation too after the property booking, but in Real estate lingo it means the Sale & Purchase Agreement which is the agreement that is signed between the Seller(The Developer) and Buyer(You) right after a property is booked. This is your ultimate proof of Purchase and Ownership until you get the Title deed post completion.

23)How does the location of a property impact its rental income potential in Dubai?

While choosing the Location of the Property, your purchase objective mainly comes into play. If it’s for self use, then you decide what’s convenient for your family and you. Whether you want to be right next to the swankiest landmark in the World or close to your Office and kid’s School. But if your objective is to earn rental income, most fundamental is to choose a location in close proximity to your prospective tenant’s workplace/school/college with easy access to public transportation and basic facilities for some one who will be a profile of a tenant renting a budget 2 bedroom apartment for example.

24)How much time does it take to buy an off plan property in Dubai?

Purchasing a Resale property takes roughly 2 to 6 weeks, depending on factors like obtaining Developer NOC and Mortgage settlement on Seller side & approval from your bank, if chosen. But Buying an Off plan Dubai property requires just a matter of days.

25)Do I need to visit Dubai to purchase an Off plan property?

While purchasing a Resale property in Dubai, the Buyer or multiple buyers(in the case of joint purchase) must be physically present inside the country or the Buyer/s will have to appoint a Power of Attorney(POA) from his/her country and that adds another 3-5 weeks onto the transaction time. But in case of an Off plan property purchase, the Buyer/s doesn’t have to be physically present in the country. This is due to the transparent and technological processes and laws the Dubai Government has implemented to allow the Developers to make a safe and secure transactions for the buyer/s. Almost everything can be done digitally, without even having to visit the UAE.

26)What factors should be considered when evaluating the growth potential of an off-plan property investment in Dubai?

While purchasing an Off plan Dubai Property, you have to note the Growth prospect of investing into a specific Community. Is there going to be Metro connectivity in the future? Does the Master community include present/upcoming mega projects like Hotels and Resorts which will likely create more Global footfalls and also allow Retail to thrive? A possibility of a Business district like DIFC close by? A well researched- modest investment can reap exponential benefits if one has the patience to hold on to the property, regardless of the market ups and downs. Capital growth is one of the most important reasons, investors invest in Dubai Realty! To give you a rough idea, when the Palm Jumeirah was initially launched, the original villa that costed roughly USD 707,000 is currently listed and being sold at roughly USD 9.5 Million!! Well, that was almost 15 years ago but look at that number for Capital Growth! Play Long, Win Big!

27)What are the potential risks and awareness for investing in off-plan properties in Dubai?

Let’s be honest, Purchasing Off plan Dubai property also comes with its fair share of risk. The Dubai laws and enforcement carried out by the DLD and the RERA offer protection to investors. But there could be a slight delay in completion, which is contractually allowed. Are you prepared to wait for those extra months to start earning the rent? Nobody, can actually predict the future and Market prices could go down the next year, will you then sell at a loss? Nope!

You need to time the market for the right opportunity to exit as the Dubai property market is cyclical. If it goes down, only seasoned investors who hold on to their investments until the market shapes up, will reap the benefits. Rest assured, it has been recorded and witnessed that the Dubai government actively supports and favors positive market conditions, for example the introduction of retirement visa, the UAE Golden visa, countless Infrastructure investments undertaken by the government, one of the best Covid-management seen anywhere in the world, such that when most of the millionaires were locked down in their homes in majority of the countries, Dubai handled the cases pretty well and also allowed business and personal freedom which only helped in getting the economy and also the Real estate market roaring.
This is why it is most essential to work with an experienced Agent who is aware of the market conditions and can guide you right from Property selection assistance, booking, documentation and also assist you post purchase. In my personal opinion, in sales there are two types of Agents, one who sees a Sale transaction as a closure and the other one see the Sale as a start of a Business relationship.

28)How do property purchase regulations and processes differ between the various emirates in the UAE?

The UAE is basically made up of 7 states more commonly known as Emirates. You need to bear in mind that a property purchase in each emirate will be similar but may have certain things different in way of laws, policies or just the way basic property business is carried out. Again, this is where working with an experienced agent who has sold and handled in multiple emirates will come in hand.

29)What are the steps to sell a property in Dubai, and what is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in this context?

While Selling your property, you will need to clear all outstanding dues of the Developer to obtain a No Objection Certificate or an NOC to proceed. A minimum of 40 % payment towards the purchase of the property is required, regardless of your payment plan.

30)Is it easy to sell a property in Dubai and is the transaction safe?

Resale of property is not a difficult task because of the constant enquiries Dubai keeps getting, the laws and the transparent system enables an investor to sell the property to generate cash. Also, the Dubai land department mandates a buyer to pay the purchase price to a Seller in Manager’s check also known as Cashier’s check. This is a secure check where the funds have already been paid making it as good as cash. There’s no question of a Manager’s check bouncing due to insufficient funds or similar reasons.

31)What is a Freehold property in Dubai and how can it be purchased?

A Freehold property is that property which allows a buyer having any nationality to purchase and own a property in Freehold areas, without any restrictions on ownership period. A Freehold property in Dubai can be purchased under one’s own name, your company name or under multiple owners as Joint ownership.

Whereas Leasehold properties have a certain ownership period of 49 years, 99 years etc.

32)Can a non-resident apply for a mortgage when purchasing a Freehold property in Dubai? What are the standard mortgage terms for non-residents?

A Non resident whether salaried or in Business can also apply for a Mortgage with a UAE based bank while purchasing a Freehold property here, but the standard is a maximum 50% loan to value, which means that in most cases you will need to cough up the 50% yourself.

But this doesn’t affect off plan buyers much due to the payment plan options that are offered by Developers directly. Again, this is where your agent will advise you with best available payment plans that best match your requirements.

33)What are payment plans in the context of purchasing an Off plan Dubai property and how does it work?

Payment plans are extended payment terms offered by property developers to buyers as an incentive to make the investment, especially in off plan Dubai properties and in some rare cases, also for some ready properties that also come with payment plans. A Payment plan is NOT a Mortgage and it is not required for a buyer to furnish extra documents, nor undergo a credit check. There is No interest, nor any processing fees.

Standard payment plans range till the time of the Handover, that is when you end up paying 100% of the property purchase price and collecting the Key handover/property possession in exchange from the developer. There are also some developers who extend longer payment plans which continue a few years after the Property possession is done, some of these payment plans offer a tenure of 5, 6 or even 8 years!

34)What is the Anticipated Completion Date (ACD) and how does it affect the property purchase process?

Anticipated Completion Date (ACD) is usually the date that is committed by the developer to fully complete the project, including the delivery of functional amenities promised in the project. However, as per law, most developers are allowed a delay of upto 1 year from the ACD to deliver the project. This varies from developer to developer and it is therefore important to buy the property from a Reputed developer.

35)What is a Booking Deposit or Down Payment when purchasing a property in Dubai? How does it differ from the total purchase price, and what other fees are typically involved?

A Booking Deposit or a Down Payment is the minimum amount a Developer requires to Book a property under your name and to release the Sale Purchase Agreement(SPA) to you as the Buyer. Usually this is 20% of the Purchase price in the current market. And there are also some developers who go down to 10% or even 5% Down payment. Please note that while booking an Off plan Dubai property, apart from the Booking Deposit, the buyer has to pay 4% of the Purchase price as DLD Registration Fees and some administration fees which depends on the Developer.

36)What’s ROI and how is it calculated?

ROI is the Return on investment. This is most likely one of the reasons you typed some words on Google almighty and are patiently reading about Dubai Property Investment on this page! In simple words, ROI is Net Rent earned in a year earned divided by Total cost invested in a year. To arrive at Net rent, we have to deduct any expenses like Annual service fee, maintenance fee etc in that year from Annual Rent and then divide it by the amount invested.
The ROI is apt for Off plan Dubai properties as you are not paying the full Purchase amount upfront. Also the most important thing to note is that since the property will be under construction, you won’t be earning any rental income but since it is Off plan, there’s a good chance that the Market price is growing from the actual Purchase price.

For example: If the Property Purchase price is AED 1,000,000 and over the years you pay approximately 60% of the amount until Completion as it is a Post Handover Payment plan.

So, that’s AED 600,000 paid. Now assume that the property is ready, yay!

We find you a tenant who pays you an annual rent of AED 90,000.

Assuming a total expense of AED 10,000 on Annual service charge. The Net rent is AED 80,000.

The ROI(%) is (80,000/600,000) X 100.

Which is roughly 13.3%

37)What is Net Yield, and how is it calculated for a ready property in Dubai? How does it differ from ROI?

Net Yield is the Net Annual rent generated divided by the Total Purchase price multiplied by 100 for the %.
Net Yield is apt for Ready properties.

For example: if the property purchase price is AED 1,000,000 and the Annual rent that your tenant pays you is AED 90,000.
Assuming your total property related expenses were AED 10,000.
Then the Net Yield(%) is = (90,000-10,000)/1,000,000 * 100 which is 8%

38)What is the average Net Yield for residential properties in Dubai, and how does it compare to other global cities?

For Residential properties the Net yield in Dubai is anywhere between 8-10%, which is a good number! The average yield in most of the top global cities offer not even half of this number and the icing on the cake is that this is TAX-FREE! Additionally, if you furnish a property or buy a furnished apartment and run it out as a Holiday Homes business, you tend to earn a higher income, which is roughly 12-14%.

39)What are Guaranteed Rental Return projects, and how do they work? Are they a good option for property investors in Dubai?

From time to time, some Property Developers release projects that are tailor made for Property investors with Guaranteed Rental return of 6% or so for a period of 3 years or similar. This is perfect for investors who want to invest money and earn passive income and do not want to get involved about the Tenant’s rental but get an assured amount every year, for at least a certain period.
Having been in this industry since 2011, my advise to investors, is to go for these kind of projects depending mainly on location and amenities, then instead of just relying on the assured rent, put your property in the Holiday homes business or short term rentals if you are looking for a higher return.

Dubai sees a lot of foreign traffic and the Holiday Homes is a good way of earning higher rental income than standard Annual rent option. The only reason some do not prefer it is because it is a Big headache to actually manage it yourself.
We have a Value proposition for investors that you may want to check out here.

40)What is the weather like in Dubai throughout the year, and how does it affect living and investing in the city?

Dubai is blessed with year long Sun shine, except for a few days when it’s raining with the help of artificial cloud seeding! It’s just 3-4 months in the peak of summer(usually May-Sep) when it gets really Hot but with AC’s everywhere, it doesn’t really matter much.
Personally, I feel that it is a great weather in Dubai from October to April, especially the cooler months of November to February!

41)Is it easy for non-Arabic speakers to live and work in Dubai? How does the language barrier affect daily life and business?

I came to Dubai in 2011, and as a non Arabic speaker I literally had Zero issues here! In fact English is the more commonly spoken language in Dubai even though Arabic is the official language. Anywhere you go, you’ll find signs in English and Arabic.

42)How tolerant and diverse is Dubai and what is the government’s stance on religious tolerance and co-existence?

Dubai and also the UAE in whole is a highly tolerant place and people from all religions are welcome here. In fact, the UAE is one of the only places in the world to have an actual Ministry of Tolerance and Co existence! Not a surprising fact that people from 200 different Nationalities call Dubai home!

43)What is the work culture like in Dubai, and how does it cater to the diverse population of the city?

Work place dubai rep

The work culture is pretty exciting mainly because Dubai has most of the Top global MNC’s here and also because of the multi ethnic, multi nationality work places in Dubai!

Previously, it used to be a Friday and Saturday weekend which has now been moved to a Saturday and Sunday weekend. Although, there are many companies who offer Friday half day off along with Saturday and Sunday off.

44)What is the food culture in Dubai like?

Dubai has a rich food culture mainly because of the various cuisines that are easily available here in varying budget options. Because there are actual expats from various countries, you’ll also find Authentic cuisines pretty easily.

Weekend brunches are a norm and TimeOut Dubai often comes out with the latest top lists, check the latest one here!

45)How can a potential investor verify that a real estate developer has an Escrow account as required by Law (8) of 2007 in Dubai?

It’s crucial to verify that the real estate developer has an Escrow account, as mandated by Law (8) of 2007. This law requires developers selling off-plan properties to have an Escrow account registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD). All investor payments should be deposited into the appropriate Escrow account.
To confirm that an off-plan property developer has an Escrow account, you can visit the DLD’s website and search for their project. If the project is listed on the website, it indicates that the developer has an Escrow account registered with the DLD. You can check the status of a Real estate project on the Dubai Land Department’s website Here. Please note that it may take some time for a project to be listed here.

46)What is the process for taking possession of a completed property in Dubai?

Nearing Project completion, Owners get a Completion notice on their registered email address or postal address or both. Usually, Developers give a 30 day period for property owners to come and collect the keys and take possession.
All owners must be present in person to sign the Handover papers or can appoint a Power of Attorney(POA) to accept Keys on your behalf. You or the POA must bring all original documents, such as passports, sales & purchase agreements, utility receipts, and payment receipts, to the appointment. The developer will prepare the necessary paperwork, which you or the POA will sign to receive the Payment Clearance Certificate, Key Release Forms, keys, and access cards.
Please note that the developer may penalize the Owner for not accepting Handover within the allotted time. It is recommended to keep a pro active check on your communications with the Developer for this, even a Spam mail might turn out to be costly affair! Most likely your agent will remind you, if not get in touch with them and coordinate accordingly. Your agent can also assist you in hiring a professional Power of attorney who can legally get the job done on your behalf, if you cannot travel on such short notice. But please plan to give it some time for a remote POA too as it takes a few weeks time if applying from abroad.

47)How do you obtain the title deed for a property in Dubai?

Once all dues have been paid and keys collected, the developer will assist you in obtaining the Title deed from the Land Department. You’ll have to pay some minimal fees for Affection plan, Property map, Title deed fee, admin fee, knowledge fee etc. Double check the title deed for any errors and voila! You are in business!

48)What are the steps to set up utilities and maintenance for a newly handed over property in Dubai?

The next step is for you to get the utilities connected, DEWA Owner account to be setup. District cooling account setup, annual maintenance fee payment, go to the apartment again after the connections and check for yourself.

Let the AC run for a some time to see if its operating smoothly, check the water heaters etc. Majority of the developers also give a 1 year warranty on appliances and fittings provided.

49)Can you make modifications to a property in Dubai? What is the process for obtaining approval from the developer?

As an owner of a Dubai property, you can make changes or modifications to property. You will need to apply for an NOC from the developer, there’ll most likely be a deposit that you will need to keep with the developer which will cross check the works completed as against the scope of work plan submitted at the time of requesting developer approval. The developers will return this amount to you if it’s per plan approved.

You can furnish the property and show the world what your taste and character is all about. Rent it out in a furnished state and you can ask for a slightly higher rent. If you’ve also upgraded or done some interior works on your property, you can command a more higher rent than the standard and it also gets easy to rent out such property but the finishing and taste in furniture does matter and it’s mostly a safe bet to go with a contemporary look and feel.
Moreover, if you are planning to rent out your property or even planning to run it as a Holiday homes, it is recommended to compile a full Inventory list of the items you have purchased and plan to provide for the benefit of the guest/tenant.
Additionally, it’s beneficial to get a Digital door lock installed. It may be a one time investment you have to pay but it will keep your Landlord days hassle free. Not recommended while planning to rent your property out on Long term/Annual rents.

50)Can I gift a Property in Dubai? What are the rules and fees for the same?

Gifting a property in Dubai is totally allowed and you don’t have to pay the standard 4% registration fees to the DLD. It is usually AED 2,000 if the property value is below AED 500,000 or 0.125% if above. Please note that Property ‘Gifting’ is only allowed between 1st degree family members.
First degree family members include own parents, own children and spouse. It can also be done between individual to his/her own company or vice versa.

All parties need to be present for property transfer or a Power of Attorney(POA) needs to be appointed for each party. A property valuation report needs to be prepared, first degree relationship document from home country to be legally translated into Arabic and legalized by Ministry of Justice. Apart from the transfer registration fee stated above and based on the price of the property, there will be a fee of AED 2,000 or 4,000 for the trustee office for the transfer process and AED 580 for Title deed issuance. It is best to approach the DLD or your Agent to get the latest information for the same.

51)Is there any annual Municipality fee in Dubai, and who is responsible for paying it?

Annual Municipality Housing fee to be paid by Tenant or by the Owner if using it personally.

52)What are the landlord’s responsibilities in Dubai, and what are some important real estate laws to be aware of?

It is the Landlord’s responsibility to clear all dues with the developer so that the tenant can apply for a Move-In request with the developer and also so that the tenant can apply for the EJARI(Rental contract attestation) with RERA. Landlord doesn’t have to apply for this nor pay for this, but they have to make sure that all developer dues have been paid and if there was a previous tenant, then the previous Ejari has been cancelled before the new tenant moves in.

53)What are the Real Estate Laws concerning a Landlord in Dubai?

Once you become a Landlord, some Real estate laws to be aware of. A Tenant is represented as TT, Landlord as LL and the tenancy contract as TC:
In accordance with Law No. 26 of 2007, which governs the relationship between landlords and tenants, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency has set forth specific contractual guidelines to ensure the efficient operation of the rental property market in Dubai.
As per Article 4 of Law (33) of 2008, either the tenant or the landlord must register the tenancy agreement with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) through the Ejari system. This registration ensures that the unit is not leased to two different parties simultaneously.
According to Article 6 of RERA’s tenancy Law (26) of 2007, if the tenancy contract in Dubai expires and the tenant continues to reside in the property without objection from the landlord, the term of tenancy will automatically be extended for the same period, up to a maximum of one year, on the same terms and conditions.
As stated in Article 28 of the property rent law in Dubai, the tenant’s right to occupy the property remains unaffected by a change in property ownership.
Per Article 14 of the Dubai Tenancy Law, if either the landlord or the tenant wishes to modify the contract terms, they must notify the other party at least 90 days before the contract’s expiration date.
Therefore, if the landlord or tenant wishes to make any changes to the rent amount, contract tenure, or any clauses, they must communicate these intentions three months prior to the expiry of the tenancy contract.

54)What are the laws related to Termination of Tenancy contract?

RERA’s tenancy law in Dubai (Article 7) states that rental agreements can’t be terminated by the tenant or landlord during the contract term unless both parties agree. The tenancy agreement remains valid even if the tenant or landlord dies (Article 27), and the relationship is transferred to the heirs. The contract remains in effect unless the heirs decide to end it. In that case, they must provide a 30-day notice or the remaining days to the contract’s expiration, whichever is shorter.

55)Under what circumstances can a landlord evict the tenant before rent expiry?

Article 25 of Law No. (26) of 2007, amended by Law No. (33) of 2008, outlines cases where landlords can evict tenants before contract expiry:
Rent not paid within 30 days of landlord’s written notice.
Unauthorized subletting.
Property used for immoral or illegal activities.
Damage or changes endangering property safety.
Property used for purposes other than intended.
Failure to comply with contract or law within 30 days of landlord’s written notice.
Commercial property eviction if operations closed for 30 consecutive or 90 non-consecutive days without valid reason.
Property demolition required by government entity for urban development.

56)What are the reasons a landlord can seek eviction upon contract expiry, and what is the notice period required?

RERA’s tenancy contract rules allow landlords to seek eviction upon contract expiry for reasons such as property reconstruction or demolition, significant maintenance or renovation, selling the property, or personal or first-degree relative use. A 12-month written notice must be provided via registered mail or public notary.

57)What are the rules for rent increases in Dubai, and how are the maximum increase percentages determined?

Article 9 of Law (26) of 2007 mandates that landlords and tenants mutually agree on a rent value within their tenancy contract, with no increase allowed before the end of a two-year period from the contract’s start.
Per Article 9, landlords must inform tenants of rent increases at least 90 days before contract renewal. Tenants can accept or decline the increase, providing a 60-day notice in case of refusal.
Decree No. (43) of 2013 outlines rent increase limits in Dubai, capped at 20% from 21st December 2013 to date. Maximum rent increase percentages depend on the current rent in relation to similar units’ average rent.
RERA has sole authority to set rent increase percentages, and landlords and tenants can use RERA’s rental calculator on the DLD official website to determine their eligible increase.

58)What are some important responsibilities of tenants as per Articles 19, 21, 22, and 23 of the Dubai Tenancy Law?

Article 19: Tenants must pay rent on time and can’t make changes to the property without landlord permission.
Article 21: Tenants must return the property in its original condition, excluding normal wear and tear, at the end of the lease. LL can deduct such repair fees from the Security deposit received from the tenant at the time of TC signing.
Article 22: Tenants are responsible for paying taxes and fees to relevant government departments unless otherwise agreed upon, so Ejari to be paid by TT.
Article 23: Tenants must not remove improvements made to the property unless agreed upon by both parties.

59)What are the obligations of landlords as per Articles 15, 16, 17, and 18 of the Dubai Tenancy Law?

Article 15: Landlords must provide a well-maintained property for full use by tenants as per the contract.
Article 16: Landlords are responsible for maintenance, repair, and restoration unless otherwise agreed upon. To be clear, the norm in Dubai is that Tenants are responsible for repair costs under AED 500 for apartments and AED 1,000 for villas, any amounts above these are the Landlords responsibility. Also, these amounts vary per the cost of the apartment/rental amount of the contract and needs to be agreed between the landlord and the tenant.
Article 17: Landlords cannot make changes that hinder the property’s intended use by tenants.
Article 18: Landlords must provide permits and licenses for construction or redecoration, if relevant.

60)What are branded apartments, and how do they differ from regular apartments?

Branded apartments are basically offered by developers in partnership with brands. Usually the properties will be furnished and the interior works done in the level agreed by the brand they have signed up with. Some examples are Damac Cavalli apartments, Danube Lamborghini etc.

61)What are serviced apartments, and how do they differ from regular apartments?

There are also Serviced apartments that developers sell, these are furnished to high standards in order to be run as a Hotel. The unit will be part of the Hotel and may or may not be included in the Hotel pool by the operator to share revenue. Some examples are Emaar’s Address residences, Rixos residences and Nikki beach residences.

62)What are the services offered by Gingy Properties?

For a Limited time, When you buy an Off plan Dubai property through Gingy Properties, we provide you with and the below services(Complimentary for 5 years post completion/immediate for Primary properties)
Free consultation
Property selection assistance,
Personal Representation service for any property needs with the Developer or 3rd parties,
UAE Golden Visa Assistance,
Renting out your property once it’s Ready,
Maintenance assistance and Managing the Tenant.(All the above are Complimentary services, that’s right No Commission, No Agency Fee!)
Operating your Property as a Holiday Home once ready (Complimentary for 1 year post completion)

63)What is the commission charged by Gingy Properties?

We do NOT Charge any commission if you buy an Off plan Dubai property or a Ready-Primary property through us! In fact, as mentioned above, we also offer an exciting service called GAPA which provides total After sales service that offers an investor absolute peace of mind. This will benefit those International investors who can’t spend much time while staying in a different Time zone most of the times and having to deal with several different people can be a headache really. This way, we act as your Relationship manager, a one point contact, catering to your requirements!

GAPA will also benefit those investors who live in the UAE but not in Dubai. Investors who would like to operate the property as Holiday home to earn rental income and also keep visiting the property for personal use can also take advantage of the above offer.

Please note that if you are looking to buy/sell Resale property, the standard commission for representing you will be 2% of the Sale price+VAT. No Commission charged if you bought under the GAPA offer and would like to sell the property in the future.

64)What is NOT Covered under GAPA?

It is clear that under GAPA we provide you most of the end to end service that’s required in a Property Investment. So, we don’t charge you the Listing/Management/Operating fees that otherwise, you would have to pay to Agents usually.

In fact, as an International investor it sometimes might get difficult if you don’t have someone taking care of your Investment for you! Here, we’re giving you peace of mind by straight away offering to provide you with the essential services not just complimentary but also by offering you a Contract mentioning it upfront!

What we don’t cover is the fees/costs that is a Landlord/Property Owner’s liability or responsibility. For example, The Annual Service fee that you need to pay to the developer, Property maintenance fee(although we connect you to 2-3 service providers so that you can choose the best option you like and we in turn supervise the maintenance till completion),Utility connection fee/deposit amounts, other deposits, Government fees, Holiday Home utility fee and any other fee that’s supposed to be paid by you as the Property owner.

65)GAPA sounds good to be true, what’s the catch?

No catch. For real! All you have to do is, purchase Off plan/Primary property through us and we will provide you with GAPA! In fact, we’ll provide you an Agreement that cements our commitment to you!

Also, as and when your investment grows, you will grow and we’ll be happy to continue providing exceptional Real Estate services in the future too. It’s a Win- Win ๐Ÿ™‚

Although I’ve been Selling+Renting+Managing properties on behalf of my clients in the UAE Real Estate since 2011, Gingy Properties is a Brand New Real Estate Agency that I’ve recently set up on my own. This is my Dream!

So, you can consider this as a ‘Thank you’ Offer where we set on a new path to providing customer satisfaction in my own way of providing unwavering commitment, and to thank you genuinely for choosing Gingy Properties: Home of Properties!

66)What’s the UAE Golden Visa Requirements?

The UAE Golden Visa requirement is quite straightforward. Any person investing a minimum of AED 2,000,000 or USD 544,513 in Properties(Ready or Off plan) inside the UAE is eligible to apply for the UAE Golden Visa, which some simply call Dubai Golden Visa. It can be a single property or multiple properties but the total amount of all the properties need to be above AED 2,000,000. Previously it used to be issued only to those investor who have paid the full amount in case of Ready properties or who have paid minimum AED 1,000,000 in case of Off plan Dubai properties.

But as of Jan 2024, the UAE Government has removed the minimum payment of AED 1,000,000 to apply for Golden visas. So now, you can just pay the deposit amount of the property and apply for your Golden visa. Property price has to be AED 2,000,000

For example, if you buy a property worth AED 2,000,000…and if the Booking Deposit is 5%, you can pay as low as AED 100,000 and be eligible to apply for the Golden Visa

67)What are the UAE Golden Visa Benefits?

Self Sponsored: Previously your employment or Business used to act as a sponsor to apply for a Visa but now you are your own sponsor. So even if you lose your job or wind up Business, you can continue to stay until the Visa expiry.
10 years Validity: Previously, UAE Residence visas had to be renewed every 3 years but now you get 10 years which gives you a hassle free life.
No Minimum Stay Required: To keep Residence visas active, one had to visit the UAE at least once every 6 months. Moreover, many similar visas in different countries, requires you to stay for a minimum period of 6 months-1 year etc. inside that country in order to keep the visa status active. But the UAE Golden Visa has no such requirement.
Six month entry permit: You will get a 6 month multiple entry, entry permit when you apply for the Golden visa so you have enough time to sort out the application.
Family included: The UAE Golden visa allows you to apply for your family members’ visas too. There is not Extra cost or investment applicable, you just need to pay the Visa fees per member to sponsor them.
Support staff: With the Dubai Golden visa, you will be able to hire and sponsor visas for multiple support staff like maid’s, nannies etc.
Driver’s License: UAE Golden visa holders having Driver’s license, belonging from a list of approved countries, will automatically be eligible for a UAE Driver’s license.
Access to Loans: Once you are a resident, you can open a bank account, apply for Credit cards with moth watering Loyalty benefits and also apply for Loans with competitive interest rates.
Esaad Card: UAE Golden Visa holders get the exclusive Esaad Privilige card which offers significant discounts and subsidized rates in Healthcare, Insurance, Car purchases, Property purchases etc.

68)Can Foreigners buy Property in Dubai?

Yes, Absolutely! Individuals/Entities from any country can purchase and own Freehold properties in Dubai, or any other Freehold areas in the whole of the UAE.

In 2023, Indians topped the buyer nationalities in Dubai and Dubai has witnessed high number of property buyers from UK, Russia, Europe and China. Recently more buyers have started purchasing from the US.

In fact, a lot of Buyers purchase Properties online/over the phone, without even visiting the UAE and reap high rental incomes of 8-14%. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you for a quick chat!

69)Why should I buy Dubai Property?

Dubai offers one of the highest ROI’s(8-14%) in property investment combined with massive potential for Capital growth! As per a Knight Frank report, Dubai property prices grew by a whopping 225% in 3 years. The original villas on the Palm Jumeirah costed USDย 707,866ย at launch and now costs a whopping USD 9.5 Million and up!ย 

Luxury property prices are comparatively lower than many Global cities and the demand for Luxury properties is increasing in Dubai. This means that there is tremendous potential for an investor to earn Big if they invest now and hold for a few years.

Dubai is known for it’s top of the line Infrastructure. In fact, the UAE Government invests a lot of money in Development and Infra projects which only increases the number of jobs in the country, attracting more people to live in the UAE and this keeps the demand for rental properties at a healthy position for Landlords.

High paying TAX Free jobs, year long Sun shine, Safe personal & Business environments, No Capital Gains tax, No Tax on Rental income of Residential Properties and Dubai being an Entertainment Hotspot are some of the reasons why people from over 200 Nationalities call Dubai home.

All Property Investors are protected by Laws and policies written by the Government and enforced through RERA by the Dubai Land Department.

As mentioned in Question#67 above, the UAE Golden Visa provides an investor a 10 year visa for him/her and allows them to sponsor their families without the need for any extra investment, no minimum stay in the country is required. You get to keep your Nationality(ies) and get to have an extra option in Dubai, a place which has one of the highest Millionaires living in the world! Open Bank account, apply for loans or setup your business in a day!

The UAE Government actively monitors and protects the economy, the government actively supports and favors positive market conditions, for example the introduction of retirement visa, the UAE Golden visa, countless Infrastructure investments undertaken by the government, one of the best Covid-management seen anywhere in the world.

As per countless reports, Dubai is one of the Most visited cities in the World and also one of the Safest cities to live in. Per, US News & World report, UAE is the 2nd Most economically stable country in the World. Per TopMove.ca, UAE is at the top of countries from where people Don’t want to move away from. UAE is the richest country in BRICS by per capita income. Per Numbeo, the UAE stands 10th for Highest Average monthly Net salary.

70)What’s the purchase process gonna be like?

Well, I would recommend you to get in touch with us for a quick Online Meeting. It’ll roughly be a 15 minute Zoho/Google Meets/Zoom call and you can book an appointment per your convenient timings. Click here to Book your Complimentary Online Meeting.

This is to give you a brief on the Dubai investment opportunities in general and to mainly understand your requirement.

Based on your budget and your requirement, we’ll send you some matches. It is highly advisable to further research about the location and growth aspects, we’ll send you the reading material too.

If it is a Primary property(Ready property) purchase, upon request, we can also arrange a video call walk through of the actual property or the Show home for you.

Also, if required, we can arrange a conference meeting for you with the Property Developer’s Sales Advisor.

Once you have chosen the property, we need to book it and this can be done online. You’ll need to send a copy of your Passport(International buyers) or if you are in the UAE, we can meet up at the developer’s office for the booking. In this case, you’ll need to bring copies of your Emirates ID, Passport and Visa.

Apart from the ID document, the deposit amount as per the payment plan will have to be paid, either directly Bank transfer into the Developer’s bank account or you can pay with Crypto(not all developers accept it but most do) or just pay in cash/card by visiting the Developer office. Most Developers also offer secure payment gateways to enable Card payments online.

If the property is in a pre launch phase(where only certain details of the project are announced and the actual payment plan hasn’t been announced yet), then a Token amount needs to be paid and this amount gets adjusted from the Deposit amount that you’ll need to pay thereafter.

Please note that the Deposit amount paid to Developer is Non Refundable, even if you wish to cancel the purchase.

Once the Deposit/token amount is paid, Unit allocation will be done based on your preference and availability with the Developer.

The Developer will prepare the SPA and send to you for your Signatures, in a few days once developer has received the full Booking amount , they will counter sign and send you the stamped Original. Booking done, Mabrook!

Once your Stamped SPA is ready, we issue the GAPA agreement clearly mentioning the services that we offer for 5 years, starting from the date of Property completion/handover. Please note that the Representative service of GAPA will already be in force from the date of booking and any requirement you have with the developer even before Handover, we’ll be assisting you with that.

So, go right ahead and get in touch with us. Fill the form below, Contact us Now!

NOTE: This is a guide to educate those people who would like to know more about investing in Off plan Dubai properties. I’ve tried to keep it as detailed as possible. Laws, Policies, Rules, Property availabilities or any other topic mentioned above may change at any given point of time and it is Highly advisable to get an actual Consultation with us to learn about the latest!
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